UltraGlas Enclosures

Looking for something a little out of the ordinary for your bathroom décor? We may have just what you’re looking for.

UltraGlas is an innovative shower door and enclosure manufacturer that offers a unique line of glass shower products that bring a definite “wow” factor to your bathroom.

Beyond the aesthetic beauty and creative designs, UltraGlas is an excellent quality glass for the entire shower – including the door, walls and enclosure. The texture of the glass offers a feeling of privacy and tranquillity while at the same time allowing excellent transmission of light, enhancing the sense of space and form. For any even greater decorative effect, you can also opt to incorporate UltraGlas panels into your overall design scheme.

Because UltraGlas is capable of taking on practically any texture and opacity, it is highly resistant to smudging, scratching and spotting in a way that’s impossible with traditional clear glass.

UltraGlas shower enclosures are not only incredibly durable and easy to maintain, but literally become an artistic expression, placing form and function on equal levels. Your shower transforms from a daily routine into an experience to look forward to.


UltraGlas bubble surface


UltraGlas metro surface


UltraGlas squigle surface


UltraGlas ultra swirl surface