frameless steam shower doors

What Is A Steam Shower Door?

A steam shower is very much like a standard shower but is fully enclosed, with glass panels that reach from the floor to the ceiling and trap the steam and humidity inside. The steam itself is typically supplemented using a generator that is built into the wall adjacent to the shower enclosure, and which can be operated from inside the shower.

A proper steam shower door is an essential component of a steam room. Without one, the moisture and heat generated by the steam generator would escape and spread to other areas of the room and home. With door sealing technology, steam shower doors can trap the steam and heat inside the shower enclosure to create a luxuriating experience.

Using a steam shower door offers numerous health benefits too, such as improving circulation and relieving stress. It can also help lower the congestion in your lungs and improve your overall quality of life.

When installing a steam shower door, you’ll need to determine the type of steam you want and how to configure the generator and design the doors for your available space.

single hinged steam shower door with diagram

Features Of A Steam Shower Door

Airtight Access

To ensure the steam seal is tight, the door and panels should get equipped with high-performance vapor-proof glass and gaskets. These components will allow you to enter and exit the shower enclosure quickly and easily.

The hinge of the framed steam shower doors is also completely enclosed in vapor proofing, so it can be safely opened and closed.

schicker frameless curved steam shower enclosure and door


One of the most essential components of a steam shower is the ventilation design of the door. A common method for improving ventilating is with transom, which is a narrow panel of glass above the door that can pivot open to release hot steam while the door is still closed.

transom for glass steam shower door

This combination can be further enhanced by having an exhaust fan in or near the ceiling to help push circulate airflow out of the shower.

A professional design and installation team can help you determine the features that will work best for your steam shower, so you’ll want to consult with a professional installer, like Schicker, to ensure you have everything necessary to complete the installation.

There are many things to be aware of with this type of project, and it is probably not recommended for inexperienced do-it-yourselfers

Types Of Steam Shower Doors

schicker inline steam shower door and transom

Hinged Steam Room Doors

A vapor-proof swing door, also known as a pivot or hinged door, is most often used for steam showers, and they can be configured to open from either the right or left side of the enclosure.

As a rule, the steam shower glass doors get opened outwards from the inside, however, a pivot door will open both outward and inward.

Steam shower doors may come with additional glass panels, depending on the design or shape of the door. For example, a corner shower is also referred to as a 2-sided shower because it has two glass sides and 2 wall sides. A 3-sided enclosure would have three glass sides and one wall side.

Steam shower doors also feature a magnetic strike seal system that keeps the moisture and heat trapped in the steam room. Additionally, a drip rail that allows water to flow back into the enclosure can be installed for even more protection.

schicker steam shower enclosure with transom

Are Steam Shower Doors a Good Investment?

A steam shower might be one of the best improvements you can make to your home, not only for your own enjoyment, but also for the value it will bring if you ever decide to sell.

To learn more about steam shower doors, contact Schicker Shower Doors, in Concord, for a free estimate!