sliding bathtub shower door with dark brass frame

Why Bathtub Shower Doors Are Important

Nothing beats the feeling of having refreshing shower or bath after a long day, which is what makes the bathtub shower combination such a popular fixture in American homes. However, to have that best possible experience, you’ll want a tub that’s not only beautiful, but also highly functional.

Because a large percentage of home bathrooms are designed this type of tub enclosure, the need for high quality bathtub shower doors is sometimes overlooked. Often, the door that came with the house is adequate and “good enough”, but there are many shower door options that can greatly improve your daily experience.

Glass Door vs Shower Curtain

While the bathtub/shower combination is incredibly popular, many homeowners still search for ways to improve upon its classic, utilitarian design.

Shower curtains have certainly improved a lot over the years, in terms of quality and design patterns, but for most homeowners this solution is still less than ideal.

Over time, shower curtains can wear out, fade, collect dirt – and even germs – making for more work to maintain a fresh, clean bathroom. They can also be difficult to manage for people with limited mobility or physical limitations since keeping water out of the enclosure requires a certain amount of adjustments.

One of the best ways to achieve a more hygienic and elegant appearance is to install a high-quality glass shower door. Not only does it look cleaner and more stylish, but it is a much better solution for keeping the water where it belongs: Inside the tub!

bathtub enclosure with inline door diagram
corner bathtub shower enclosure with hinged door

What Type of Bathtub Shower Door Is Best?

Sliding Doors

When it comes to bathtub shower doors design, one of the most popular choices is a sliding door. Sliding shower doors are mounted on tracks along the top and bottom of the tub and move parallel to the tub’s outer barrier.

Bypass Doors

Alternately, there are bypass shower doors, which also attach to tracks for sliding, however, there are two – or sometimes three – sliding glass panels that can along the entire length of the track. They are called “bypass” since one panel will pass in front of or behind the other.

bathtub shower door with inline panel

Hinged and Pivot Doors

Another bathtub shower door option is a “swinging” hinged shower door, which opens outward towards the bathroom. With this style of door it’s important that you have enough space in the room for the door to fully extend without any obstructions, such as fixtures or furniture.

Pivot doors are also hinged but swing both ways, so in some cases this makes entering the bath enclosure even easier.

One or more side glass panels will also be required depending on whether the unit is in the corner, making two glass sides, or “freestanding” in the center of the room, requiring three glass sides.

Inline Doors

Another common design for bathtub shower doors is the inline tub door, which has three walls and only one glass side, that can accommodate either sliding or hinged doors.

Your choice of door will be largely determined by the available space and the location of your bathtub/shower unit in relation to other bathroom furniture and fixtures.

bathtub shower with hinged glass door

Regardless of your choice, a glass bathtub shower door will be an excellent investment in your home and your overall quality of living.

For best recommendation on installation and costs, it is always best to consult with a professional shower door dealer, such as Schicker Shower Doors, who can guide you through the various styles of door, as well as glass types, that are best for your needs.

For a free in-home estimate, contact Schicker Luxury Shower Doors today!