schicker luxury shower doors glass products

Glass Types & Specs

Although regular clear and crystal clear glass are the most popular choices for our shower doors, there are many other choices in the shower door industry.

The table below calls out the glass choices offered by Schicker Shower Doors (clear glass is standard).  When selecting a shower door, glass compatibility will depend upon shower door enclosure collection or series.


1/2″ GLASS 3/8″ GLASS 5/16″ GLASS 1/4″ GLASS 3/16″ GLASS
Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear
Crystal Clear (Low Iron) Crystal Clear (Low Iron) Crystal Clear (Low Iron) Obscure
Satin Satin Satin Gluechip
Low Iron Satin Low Iron Satin Low Iron Satin Rain
Bronze Rain Obscure
Gray Rolled Glue Chip Glue Chip
Ultraglas Bronze Rain
Gray Narrow Reed

For other glass options not shown on table, please contact Schicker Luxury Shower Doors.