framed corner shower enclosure with hinged door

What To Consider When Choosing A Hinged Shower Door

A standard hinged shower door has hinges on one side, which allows the entire door to swing open outwards into your bathroom.

An important consideration when installing a hinged shower door is to ensure that you have enough space between the door and other bathroom furniture or fixtures, such as the toilet, so you have a comfortable and safe entry and exit from the shower enclosure.

The last thing anyone wants is their big glass shower door banging against fixed objects. That’s an accident waiting to happen. Luckily, your door can be customized to fit your available space, which is why it’s critical to make proper measurements before installing.

In these cases, the enclosure will be fitted an additional panel to accommodate the outward swing of the door.

frameless shower enclosure with hinged door

Door Swing

As previously mentioned, the first consideration before installing a new glass shower door is available space. Unless the planned door can open easily without being obstructed, with the bather being able to exit comfortably, you may want to look at other door types such as sliding, bypass or bi-fold doors.

The ability to mount the door on either side of the enclosure is one of the benefits of this design. For example, if you have a small bathroom, a hinged glass shower door in the corner could be opened to the right or left, depending on which configuration makes using the door easier.

Another variation of the corner shower is called a neo-angle. With this shower enclosure design, you have the two wall sides in the corner but, instead of two glass sides creating a box, there is third glass panel angled to face the center of the bathroom, making use of the available open space for getting in and out of the shower with a hinged door.

framed corner shower neo-angle enclosure with hinged door

Framed or Frameless Hinged Doors

Frameless shower doors are a sleek and modern-style shower door with a seamless design, and is a great addition to any modern or minimalist bathroom. The absence of frames provides more visual space and allows an unobstructed view from both sides of the shower glass.

These types of doors can be fitted with barely noticeable hinges, and have the added benefit of being easy to maintain and mold-resistant.

Alternately, a framed glass shower door can create a very cohesive look in the bathroom space by matching the hardware and fittings used in other areas of the room.

Framed shower doors are also effective for preventing water leaks, ensuring that all the water stays inside the enclosure.

corner semi-frameless shower enclosure with hinged door

A well-designed bathroom is one of the essential factors you can consider when designing a beautiful and functional shower area.

Before you start installing a new hinged frameless glass shower door, make sure that you consult with a professional shower door dealer, such as Schicker Shower Doors. Our design experts can help find just the right door that fits your needs and budget.

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