Fleurco – ELERA Pivot

Fleurco - ELERA Pivot

Product Details

5/16″ tempered glass, shower height single pivot door. In & out pivoting system with 90º inward and 90º outward operation. Reversible left or right opening. Sleek vertical handle. Magnetic closure for water-tight seal. FleurcoSEKUR+ Safety Protection (S.R.T) film provides an added layer of security. Microtek glass surface protection included.

Enclosure Name ELERA Pivot Door
Collection ELERA
Enclosure Operation Dual-Acting Pivot (90º in and out)
Unit Height 79″
Unit Width
  • Model: ELEP23 – For 23-1/2″ to 24-3/4″ wall to wall opening
  • Model: ELEP25 – For 25-1/2″ to 26-3/4″ wall to wall opening
  • Model: ELEP27 – For 27-1/2″ to 28-3/4″ wall to wall opening
  • Model: ELEP29 – For 29-1/2″ to 30-3/4″ wall to wall opening
  • Model: ELEP31 – For 31-1/2″ to 32-3/4″ wall to wall opening
  • Model: ELEP33 – For 33-1/2″ to 34-3/4″ wall to wall opening
  • Model: ELEP35 – For 35-1/2″ to 36-3/4″ wall to wall opening
Glass 5/16” Clear
Finishes Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Matte Black
MICROTEK Glass Protection Included
Customizable Dimensions NO

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Enclosure Shape: Single Pivot