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Choosing the Right Hardware for Your Frameless Shower Enclosure

The Most Important Elements of Shower Door Hardware

Glass frameless shower enclosures require a specific type of hardware components compared to other shower doors, and it’s essential to ensure that you have the correct type for good fit and function that will last for years. Substandard parts can damage the door, causing it to break, crack, or not function as intended.

Schicker Luxury Shower Doors, in Concord, has a variety of hardware components for you to choose from, including Standard handles and towel bars, standard knobs, hinges and clamps, premium handles knobs and towel bars, and premium robe hooks, hinges, and clamps.

Additionally, you can choose different finishes and colors of the components to match them with your taste, decor, or theme.

Below are some of the factors about the parts from which you can choose in to ensure your bathroom door is just as you like it.

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Shape And Design

These components come in different shapes and designs. Some commonly made shapes are oval, circular, square, and rectangular. If the shower design requires something more unique, however, it is possible to find unusual or custom shapes as well.

While there are many interesting shapes to choose from, these components can be customized even further with various textures and patterns. Such designs are meant to enhance the beauty of the hardware and in many cases also improve its functionality.

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Color & Finishes

The color of the surrounding bathroom décor dramatically contributes to its theme, which will influence the style and color of your shower door hardware. Themes can be made up of multiple colors that usually complement one another.

In most cases, though, your shower door hardware is going to be uniformly one color or finish, but that’s not to say that you shouldn’t experiment a little to see what works best.

The most common colors or finishes for shower door hardware, of course, is gold and silver. These colors are best preferred due to their aesthetic appeal and reflective nature, giving them a classic appearance.

When choosing the parts of your shower hardware components, however, it’s good to remember that form should always follow function since the most important job of your hardware is to ensure that your glass doors are safely and securely attached.

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Materials & Construction

The material of your shower door hardware components matters greatly because it significantly affects its durability in the long run. Since the bathroom is easily one of the wettest areas in the house, it is essential to use a material that will react least with the moisture and still deliver its functions well without rusting or degrading.

High quality shower door hardware is made to resist rust and with materials and finishes that stand up to consistent daily use over many years.

Our shower door hardware uses metals that are treated through a unique process that provides a much more resistant and durable coating and are commonly made from stainless steel, which is not susceptible to rusting and deliver a beautiful aesthetic quality, making it possible to have frameless shower doors that not only look great but will having enduring beauty for the life of your home.

For more information about hardware for frameless shower enclosures, contact Schicker today!

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